Special offer – 10% discount for buying in advance 10 procedures. The offer is only for in advance payment. It is not connected neither with other discounts nor using the service of our medical partners, insurance companies.


Sollux - 15 min. 11 zł
Laser - 10 min.11 zł


Jonoforeza11 zł
Tonoliza11 zł
Electrotherapy – all kinds together up to Kotz’s current11 zł
ultrasounds - 15 min.12 zł
Magnetic field - 20 min.12 zł
Conjugate therapy: phono and electrophoresis12 zł
Shockwave60 zł


Whirlpool bath – lower limb, lumbar spine - 20 min. 18 zł
Upper limb whirlpool bath - 20 min.18 zł
Nitrogenous Cryotherapy 18 zł


Taping20 zł
Individual exercises with physiotherapist 30-60 minutes35 zł
Exercises of motor coordination using the Rehaboard –CPM 10 to 45 minutes35 zł
Exercises on the stationary bike from 15 to 45 minutes8 zł
Manual teraphy to 30 minutes50 zł
Faulty posture corrective exercises 45 minutes30 zł
Learnig how to walk with crutches 30 zł
Learnig how to walk with crutches + 2 crutches100 zł
Remedial home visits70 zł
Exercises on the biofeedback platform15 zł

Individual formable shoes inserts ICB

ICB shoes inserts for children200 zł
ICB shoes inserts for adults250 zł


Massages – all kinds1,20 zł / 1 min.

Because of the fact that we are responsible for our patients treatmens each remedial procedure is to the order of our Medical Centre doctor or physiotherapist or another doctor. Relaxing massages do not need doctor’s order.

The cost of remedial visit at physiotherapy master is 50 PLN. In case when the physiotherapy master has got any doubts the doctor’s consultation would be compulsory.

The pricelist of medical advice

Orthopaedical medical visit120 zł
Home medical visit200 zł
USG with 1 joint description100 zł
Each next joint50 zł
Orthopaedical medical visit with USG170 zł
USG of infants hips with orthopaedic consultation 80 zł
Remedial medical appointment 80 zł
Appointment at Sports Medicine Centre100 zł
Surgical medical appointment 100 zł
- Podoscopic feet examination included in the price Advice
- Removing stitchesincluded in the price Advice
- Changingig bandageincluded in the price Advice
Medical certificateod 0-50 zł

The pricelist of the diagnostic- operative surgery

Intra –articular knee injection with HYMOWIS material790 zł
Intra –articular knee injection with BIOLEVOX material190 zł
Intra –articular knee injection with SYNVISC ONE material690 zł
Intra –articular knee injection with SYNVISC CLASSIC material 290 zł
Intra –articular knee injection with OPTIVISC 20 material90 zł
Intra –articular knee injection with FLEXUS FLUID material 110 zł
Puncture of joint and cyst, giving medicine 60 zł - 110 zł
Puncture/ giving medicine under the USG control ex. Hip100 zł
Platelet derived growth factor therapy400 zł - 2500 zł
Evacuation of calcification controlled by USG300 zł
Putting on syntetic plaster60 zł + 60 zł each band of plaster
Putting on traditional plaster60 zł + 30 zł each band of plaster
Removing plaster50 zł
Local anaesthesia procedures:
Stitching woundsod 200 zł
Cutting off skin changes ( stigmas, ticks, etc.),subcutaneous tumours (fibromas, ganglions, lipomas) with histopathological examination 400 zł
Cutting off skin changes ( stigmas, ticks, etc.), subcutaneous tumours (fibromas, ganglions, lipomas) without histopathological examination 300 zł
Nail removing, curretage of skin calluses200 zł
Plastics of ingrowing nail400 zł
Surgery of the carpal tunel syndrome1200 zł
Hammer finger plastics1000 zł
Plastics of osteophyses of hallux valgus, hallux rigidus plastics1200 zł
Procedure on trigger finger400 zł
Cutting of unsightly scar (excluding face) – plastics, seam parlor 300 zł
Removing foreign bodyod 200 zł
Surgical treatment of De Quervain illness500 zł
Surgery of golf and tennis elbow1500 zł
Surgery in Achilles tendonitis ( minimally invasive sewing of Achilles tendon using Ma and Griffin method)1500 zł
Ulnar nerve groove surgery1500 zł

The Pricelist of nursing point

Intramuscular injections8 zł
subcutaneous injections (excluding vaccinations)8 zł
Intracutaneous injections8 zł
Home nursing visit – individually made appointmentsdetermined individually

Orthopaedic  Surgery

Specialized treatments are performed in the hospital Ortopedicum

Prices include surgical treatment, anaesthesia, staying in clinic – 1 day

Sports medicine

Surgical arthroscopy of knee ( diagnostics with cutting of the meniscus, treatising of cartilage damages, adhesions, etc.) od 2.500 zł
Mosaic plastic of cartilage damages5.000 zł
Arthroscopic reconstrution of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) 7.400 zł
Arthroscopic plastics of kneecap instability4.300 zł
Kneecap instability surgery – transfer of tibial tuberosity6.500 zł
Arthroscopic repair of tear knee meniscus using intra – joints stitches and implants 5.000 zł+ koszt implantów
Percutaneous sewing of torn Achilles tendon 2.500 zł
Surgical arthroscopy of the elbowod 2.500 zł
Arthroscopy of ankle 4.900zł
Arthroscopy of the shoulderod 3.300 zł
Tennis elbow surgery od 1.500 zł


Complete endoprosthesoplatics of the knee - prosthesis16.000 zł
Unicompartmental endoprosthesoplatics of the knee13.000 zł
Cemental endoprosthesoplatics of the hip-joint 12.500 zł
Cementless endoprosthesoplatics of the hip-joint16.000 zł
Resurfacing hip joint 20.000 zł
Foot or hand joints endoprosthesoplastics3.000 zł + cena implantu