We offer total orthopaedical treatment from diagnostics to rehabilitation

In first place we base on the USG examination in diagnostic because it is available during each medical visit. RTG examination can be done nearby in about 40 minutes time. Blood examinations are realized by Medex laboratory, and the result are most often even the same day. We try to treat patients using non-surgical methods lika physiotherapy and kinesitherapy, ESWL –therapy that uses shockwave, PRP –platelet growth factors therapy and filling the synovial with hylaruronic acid at first. We use minimally invasive arthoscpic treatment and classical surgical treatment in necessary cases.

Patiens can take some advice from specialists:

  • dr n. med. Bogdan Wziętek –Orthopaedical and traumatic Surgery specialist – every day
  • lek. med. Grzegorz Suchy – Orthopaedical and traumatic Surgery specialist
  • dr n. med Piotr Kusiak – Orthopaedical and traumatic Surgery specialist: Monday, Thursday from 3.00 p.m

The Doctor during the advice can:

  • Do USG on the movement organs using modern equipment: MyLabSeven with linear probe up to 13 Mhz
  • outsource RTG testing, which can be done in the near RTG laboratory in 40 minutes time
  • Do the puncture of joints, haematomas etc., also under USG control
  • Do the fracture repositioning
  • Put or remove gypsum, synthetic limb immobilization or orthosis
  • Give some medicines in intraarticular injections or other affected focus ex. Diprofos,  hyaluronic acid
  • write all necessary certificates including certificate of work incapacity
  • do small surgical procedures using local anaesthetic
  • Make the thermoformable shoes inserts or other orthopaedical support
  • Match appropriate shoes inserts by using the  podoscope
  • Match the orthosis or other orthopaedical support
  • We offer modern treatment using platelet growth factors as well


Although we do not have the RTG laboratory, our patients can do it in the near health centres, it takes about 40 minutes including journey. The cost if the RTG is about 30 PLN.

Magnetic Resonance

We co-work with a few health centres making MR and TK examinations

Computer tomography

We recommend “Tomograf” laboratory in Tychy.