Our surgery is equipped with the equipment that allows safe conduction of small surgical procedures using Local anaesthetic.  Our surgery is equipped with  the treatment table, double shadowless lamp and the ERBE apparatus for electrocautery. Procedures are conducted using local anaesthetic which is the round injecting of the operated place by using anaesthetic ( like in dentists surgeries) and anaesthesia of the nerve trunks suppoting the operated area. Thanks to this kind of anaesthetic patient does not feel the pain during the procedure and in the first few hours after it. This anaesthetic is also safe for elderly people with some loads which sometimes do not let general anaesthetic –narcosis.

In case of tumors removing we take the material for histopathological examinations made in Hospital in Chrzanów.

The hospital ensures us the surgical tools sterilization in its Central Sterylization as well.

After the procedure patient can go back home however he/she is still under our control. In case of any doubts he/ she can contact with his/her leading doctor and his/her dressing are made by the doctor.

First of all, we care about our patients safety that is why before each procedure patient is obliged to do the blood tests as well as all basic consultations in cases of general health loads.

We recommed to all our patients the vaccination against Hepatitis B because this infection can happen not only in surgerical clinic but also in many other life situations; e.x at beauty salon or at hairdresser’s. this kind of vaccination takes about 6 weeks but it is still optional.

The most popular procedures are:

  • Removing skin changes ( birthmarks, fibromas, ticks etc.) with histopathological examination
  • Removing subcutaneous tumours (fibromas, ganglions, lipomas) with histopathological examination
  • Wrist isthmus syndrome surgery
  • Hammer toe plastics
  • Hallux valgus osteophyses plastics
  • Surgery on cracking finger
  • Cutting of unsightly scar
  • Sewing wounds
  • Removing  foreign body
  • platelet growth factors therapy

Procedures which need general anaesthetic are conducted  by our doctors in hospital conditions for example in Ortopedicum hospital in Cracow or in Tommed hospital in Katowice.